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GSR’s team brings a global experience with skills to suit your special needs. If what you are looking for is the right combination of experience and products that will bring your seismic projects to the next level, you must look no further than GSR. GSR believes the best support is human, not just technical. We are driven by quality service that you can trust. If you succeed, so does GSR.


GSR is the Local representative for Instantel PPV Meters – Including Micromate Systems DIN, ISEE, and Microphones for Construction, Seismic, and Blasting Projects.

GSR is a sister company to eQuake Systems and the QuakeTrip Earthquake Response Device. GSR represents Seismic Source Company, supplying Source Controllers, and SIGMA Node products in Canada. Global Seismic Repairs Inc. has available numerous Land Acquisition Systems.

Micromate® Sound Level Microphone

The Sound Level Microphone for Micromate, also called a noise microphone, can perform unattended monitoring of noise, such as building activities, construction, traffic, and mining operations.


The DAQlink III is the third generation of the DAQlink Series of portable seismograph systems. The system can be configured as a standalone monitoring system, a refraction system or a distributed seismic reflection system.

MICROMATE® Vibration and Air Overpressure Monitor

With Micromate, Instantel has redefined industry standards for functionality and ease of use. Micromate provides reliable regulatory compliance monitoring with an ISEE or DIN Triaxial Geophone and ISEE Linear Microphone.


QuakeTrip is a Field Proven Earthquake Detection and Response System.

Radon Suction Cage

We supply Radon Sumps, Radon Gaskets, and other parts and pieces required for installation.

Commercial Grade
In Stock or Made to Order.

Quad and UTV supports and box extenders

We manufacture Quad and UTV supports and box extenders.

Commercial Grade
In Stock or Made to Order.





Aluminum Ford Magnetic Roof Mounts

Commercial Grade. Made to Order.

RENTAL - Big Easy

The BigEasy+ devices are GPS equipped, data loggers, that will log a GPS position location, Time and Date and a Resistance reading, of a seismic detonator cap.

RENTAL - Refraction MASW acquisition systems

downwhole 3C

DAQlink Systems, SIGMA Systems, DownHole Tools.

GSR Piezo Trigger Switch

hammer switch

Trigger switch for Hammer or impact seismic source.

CheckMate Geophone tester

A light, hand portable, thoughtful solution to accurate geophone instrument testing.

Internal Combustion Impulse Source

ICIS is a compact, man-portable impulsive source available from GSR, as a solution for infill where access for conventional sources is restricted, and for low-impact surveys for shallow targets.


Polyurethane Cable molding

We offer Polyurethane Cable molding. Ruggedized weatherproof cable designs and repairs. Prototype machining and mold designs.

Prototype Machining – Mold designs

We offer prototype machining and ,old designs.

Weetech cable tester

Weetech cable tester and High Potential test

seismology, hazard mitigation and civil engineering applications

We monitor fracks worldwide with Earthquake Sensors made by Guralp.


GSR has a wealth of expertise and knowledge of the Seismic Industry. GSR will help you source the right equipment for your project.

GSR’s expertise coupled with the appropriate equipment choice, assures the success of the project. Since 2002, GSR has been providing Seismic companies worldwide with quality seismic equipment and service. GSR can supply your operations with single Geophones, to six per string or twelve per string, utilizing land case or marsh case. GSR also provides services for outfitting your operations with analog sensors or digital 3C, cabled systems to wireless technology. 

Whether your project requires Dynamite source controllers or VibroSeis controllers, GPS autonomous source acquisition or just GPS locations, GSR can offer support. GSR provides work flawlessly in every conceivable environment on earth. From frozen tundra of the world’s polar regions to the searing heat of the hottest deserts and everywhere in between.


Our Specialized services include:

  • Sercel 408/428 Complete Systems
  • Sercel Unite Nodes
  • ARAM Aries I and II
  • DTCC Smart SOLO

GSR has available DAQLINK III Systems including, but not limited to

  • Refraction Cabling
  • Single geophones
  • Hammer Switches
  • GSR ICIS – Propane Hammer Internal Combustion Impulsive Source
  • The Small PEG40 – Accelerated Weight Drop unit
  • GSR supplies Radon Remediation Sump cages, and associated supplies.

Contact us today to find out how GSR can help you.

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